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Hirsutism: Hairy women+girls can opt for LASER HAIR REMOVAL TO HELP



Know what hirsutism is? It is when a person has extreme or excessive hair growth, sometimes by hormonal reasons and sometimes by personal choice of not wanting to remove any hair from their bodies.  Hirsutism can happen to both men and women alike, and when caused by a medical problem can begin at a very young age...sometimes even before puberty.  While these days.....most people are choosing to get rid of virtyally all exposed body hair, for some others it brings joy  to them being as hairy as possible in their various body parts.  This of course is a personal choice for men and women everywhere.  In some cultures, having excessive hair growth is a beautiful thing. While in most of todays society,some may consider it repulsive.

The wonderful thing is you have a choice.  Decide for yourself if a naturalHirsutism hairy women unshaved look is what you want, or a smooth, silky soft bare finish is what you prefer on your skin.

With lots of choices for hair removal  Services available, you have simple options if you choose to remove the hair. There is NO right or wrong answer, so feel free to pick what is for you.  True Hirsute lovers, generally want hair in all the places it can possibly grow.  Facial hair, armpit (axilla) arms, stomach, genitals (hairypussy) and full legs, the thicker the better.  In fact some hirsute lovers will shave (against their usual beliefs) just to be able to grow their hair to a more sturdy thickness, while others just go au-natural.       HAIRY OR NO get to choose

If you choose a different hair strategy, laser hair removal may be the way to go.

Available options for all areas of the body are now a safe procedure for permanent hair removal.  Understand, after laser hair removal, the possibility of being hirsute is not available.  So make a informed choice to hair.....or not to hair!Hirsuitism, hairy women no more hair for me

About Florida Skin Institute:

Florida Skin Institute is the leading laser hair removal treatment center in the Broward County region.  We offer the latest and best in hair removal laser treatment.  We only use FDA approved equipment and our experienced staff is highly trained and qualified to make you feel comfortable.  Led by our Senior Laser Hair Removal Specialist - Valeryia Bondar CME, CCE our team has over 10,000 hours of continuous experience working at both of our locations in Fort Lauderdale and Weston.

Florida Skin Institute offers a complete list of laser hair removal services including: Brazilian BikiniIngrown HairsBikini LineEyebrowsUnderarm and much more.  


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